Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your turn-around time for underwear?

A: We use premium and custom made quality fabrics to hand sew our underwear. Due to this being labor intensive, you may experience a wait between 3-4 weeks (business days only), not including holidays. This turnaround time includes the time for fabric to be shipped to me, cutting time and sewing time. We strive for perfection on every order made. We will not skip corners or steps. Please know each item is made with love and takes time. We appreciate your patience!


Q: What is your turn-around time for printed apparel (crewnecks, tees, etc)?

A: Up to 14 business days, not including holidays. This insures we have time to print the DTF design and make your order is perfect! 


Q: What materials do you use? 

A: Our fabric for undies is double brush polyester. Our crewnecks are supplied by Gildan, and our Tees are Bella Canvas. 

Q: What sizes do you cater to?


A: Our sizes range from XS up to 5X. We’re very proud to offer a wide range so everyone feels included!